SNSD's Sunny and more of her adorable photos from MBC's FM Date!

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7/23/2014  - Sunny with Super Junior's Heechul

7/18/2014  - Sunny with Park SaeByul, Standing Egg, and fans.

7/17/2014  - Sunny with Lee Juno&Lee HyunJoo

7/11/2014  - Sunny with One More Chance + Audience

7/9/2014  - Sunny with Choi Yang Rak

7/8/2014  - Sunny with Wheesung

7/7/2014  - Sunny with  Ahn YoungMi

7/2/2014  - Sunny with Tiffany [Watch their video clips here]

7/1/2014  - Sunny with Um Kijoon

6/30/2014  - Sunny with Ahn Youngmi

6/27/2014  - Sunny with Park Saebyul, 2Bic, and fans.

6/23/2014  - Sunny with Fly to the Sky

6/23/2014  - Sunny with Ahn Youngmi

6/23/2014  - Sunny with Super Changddai

6/19/2014 - Sunny with Lee Juno and Lee HyunJoo

6/18/2014 Sunny with Kim Min Ah

6/13/2014 Sunny with Kim Yeon Woo and Park SaeByul

6/12/2014 -  Sunny with Lee Juno and Lee Hyun Joo

6/11/2014 - Sunny with Simon D
Sunny with Simon D

Sunny with Simon D

Sunny with Simon D




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